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the operator . . . the antenna . . . and the radio

I'm John Papay and this is my ham radio station. I work DX from here with my FT1000D and some nice antennas. One thing I've learned after 50 years of operating....
you never know WHAT is gonna come thru that radio!

The Cookie & Blackie Cam is now on the air

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Cookie and Blackie.....At least they are working on their code speed!

No, this is not my license plate!
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This HomePage is devoted to Ham Radio DX'ing. If you are not a ham radio operator, a lot of it won't make any sense to you. But if you are a DX'er you'll find some interesting pictures and audio clips to look at and listen to.
As with most homepages, changes are always being made. And there is some information on Cleveland as well as a new section on the EPA. Excuse the dust and enjoy!

Weather Observations here in North Royalton, Ohio are now available. The readings are updated at least every 15 minutes. Click HERE to view.

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DXpedition News

C21BH Dxpedition to Nauru Pictures

The EPA -- Out of Control

Northern Ohio DX Association

Cleveland Bicentennial Ham Radio Celebration & K8YSE/200 log

W8BUS circa 1946

DXer's Known Around the World

Photos from the JY74X Dxpedition

Photos from 4X6TT's Dxpeditions

A historic DXCC moment

Cleveland - Home of the Cleveland Indians

Classic DX audio clips


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