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K4T EL84 DXpedition March 2010

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QSL Route for K4T is K5WW

K4T Satellite Pass Recordings:

AO-51 morning passes start with 435.300 until EL84 is in the footprint; then 435.150.
AO-51 afternoon passes start with 435.150 until EL84 is out of the footprint; then 435.300
AO-27 and SO-50 passes may have a heterodyne during the pass which is the birdie from the TS2000 which leaks through even when using the uhf to 10 meter downconverter.

Sat           Date              Time
AO-51_14Mar2010_103007z.mp3  (K4T gives update: over 300 sat contacts in the log!)
AO-27_14Mar2010_203914z.mp3 (power line noise at the beginning)
AO-51_14Mar2010_232346z.mp3 (last AO-51 pass)
FO-29_14Mar2010_233853z.mp3 (CW only)
FO-29_15Mar2010_012355z.mp3 (last FO-29 SSB/CW)
VO-52_15Mar2010_031420z.mp3 (last VO-52 Pass)

K4T managed to work 127 grids on satellites during their short stay on the Tortugas. They made 442 satellite qsos.

One of the most interesting facets of the K4T operation was the method of powering the equipment. Generators are prohibited on the Tortugas so a natural form of power was a natural. As posted on the amsat-bb, a wind generator and batteries provided all of the power. The wind generator is commerically available from TLG Windpower Products

Mike, AC2V, said they had the crank-up tripod, adapter, cables and hardware in one bag and the trubine in another. Three ops had it up and putting out power in 10 minutes!

A special mast was constructed to support the wind generator. It did the job well!

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