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Grid Maps created with GcmWIN

GcmWin is a program by SM3GSJ that plots grids on a map based on user input. The program can be downloaded at:


The latest version of GcmWin will allow you to save the configuration file. This makes it easy to create different views and then come back to them later to update your grids. Also new is a program that will allow you to extract grid locators from ADIF files or other files in which grid locators appear anywhere on a single line of text. Those who have a logging program that can output qso's to a text file that includes a grid locator can now easily extract their grid square list.

My sample configuration files that you can download and modify:
(Right Click the Link and "Save Target As")

World Map 8200km with 2 digit locators: 8200km_world.ini (change your home locator)
North America 3500km with 4 digit locators: 4200km_NA.ini (centered on EM29AA)
Mexico 2000KM with 4 digit locators: 2000km_mexico.ini (centered on DL82)

Create a list of your confirmed grids and another for your worked (but not confirmed) grids using notepad with one grid per line. Save it to the GcmWin directory with a .log extension. Launch GcmWin and select Options, then Properties, from the Toobar. Under the Settings tab, set the zoom to the appropriate distance (4200km for North America and 8200 for World) . For the US, try 4200KM; or if you work AO-7/FO-29 try 8200KM. Set the range circles at 2500KM if you choose the 8200KM zoom level. Anything over 7500KM on AO-7 is exceptional. Be sure to enter your grid location on the 8200km mapso that it is centered on your QTH. Don't do that for the North American map. Leave that one centered on EM29AA.

Under the Plot Squares Tab select the .log file you created and choose Red for the color for confirmed grids.. If you have another grid file for worked but not confirmed, select that file and specify a dark blue color. Be sure to check the boxes to have the grids plotted. You can do many things with the options so try some different configurations to see which works best for you. Once you have everything selected, clock on the globe and a plot will be created. Click the disk and save the file as a .jpg.

We want to keep the images created for the website consistent. Use red for confirmed and dark blue for those you have worked but have not confirmed. Create one map using the 4200km range if you only work the FM birds. Center that map on EM29AA. If you work the Linear Birds like AO-7 and FO-29, create another map with the 8200km range. Specifiy 2500KM circles on that map and center it on your QTH. 7900KM is the maximum range for AO-7 so this map will show you everything that can be worked on the current birds. If you have contacts on the earlier HEO birds you can create a map that will include those contacts over 8200km. KO4MA has such a map on the website. The .ini files above can make it easier for you to make the website maps.

You can avoid all the aggravation by simply sending me two text files, one with your confirmed grids and one that is WORKED BUT NOT CONFIRMED. Do not included confirmed grids in this file. I will then create the two files for the website and you will be able to download the .pdf files for your use. Sending your grid files to me may provide the basis to create wanted lists so others can easily see how many need a particular grid. If I get enough lists I'll do that.

Send the image you want on the website to my call at amsat.org. You can also just send your grid list to me in a text file and a map will be created from that.


Steve N9IP and Martin N9EAT have created some "border files" which can be used with the GCM program. One of the files outlines the 488 lower USA 48 state grid boundary and the other The other contains borders. The files can be downloaded below. Steve recommends a line width of 3 and an alpha of 200 on the 488 grid file.. Go to the "Borders Tab" in the program and select the appropriate file.

Download (right click): PUSA488.pnt

Download (right click): PAll_Borders.pnt



Click on an image to download an Adobe Acrobat file which can provide zoom and better detail.

N5AFV Confirmed 2/25/2012


N5AFV Rover 3/2010


K4T Dxpedition 03/2010
127 Grids Worked


ND9M Rover Jan-March 2010


ND9M Rover Map 1


ND9M Rover Map 2


K8YSE Confirmed/Worked 10/8/2017

K8YSE Rover 10/1/2014


K8YSE North America 10/8/2017


KD4ZGW/M Rover


KO4MA Confirmed 8/4/2014



KO4MA World 2005


WD9EWK Worked/Confirmed
World 8/6/2014

WD9EWK Rover

WD9EWK Worked/Confirmed
North America 8/6/2014

KD8CAO Worked/Confirmed
World 5/9/2015


KD8CAO Rover 10/08/2011


KD8CAO NA Worked/Confirmed
5 /9/2015

WI7P/exN7SFI confirmed/worked North America

WI7P/exN7SFI confirmed/worked World

WI7P/exN7SFI Rover


KC0YBM Rover 12/31/2011

KD8KSN Worked/Confirmed 8/3/2011 World

KD8KSN Worked/Confirmed 8/3/2011 North America

AA4QE worked/confirmed NA 5/11/2012

AA4QE worked/confirmed 5/11/2012

KI6YAA worked/confirmed 11/30/2010

WA4NVM World 8/24/2014

WA4NVM North America 8/24/2014

KB9RID Confirmed 01/08/2011

AA5UK/p Grids Worked from Hawaii

KB1RVT (SK) worked/confirmed 1/7/2017 World

KB1RVT (SK) worked/confirmed 1/7/2017 North America

K6YK worked/confirmed 4/26/2011

K6YK worked/confirmed 4/26/2011

W5PFG/rover 12/25/2015

CO6CBF worked/confirmed 11/22/2011

CO6CBF worked/confirmed 11/22/2011

W5PFG confirmed World 11/27/2016

KK5DO 4/21/2012

KK5DO World 4/21/2012

W5PFG confirmed NA 11/27/2016

AC0RA 8/5/2014

AC0RA/Rover 8/5/2014


F6GLJ 12/27/2016


KB1PVH NA 8/4/2014

KB1PVH World 8/4/2014

WA7ETH NA 8/5/2014

N8HM NA 7/15/2015

N8HM World 7/15/2015

PD4KH 8/4/2014

W0DHB NA 8/8/2014

W0DHB World 8/8/2014

K7TEJ NA 8/9/2014

AA5PK NA 9/15/2015

AA5PK World 9/15/2015

K8YSE/7 NA 7/29/2017

NR0T NA 8/13/2014

NR0T World 8/13/2014

NX9B NA 08/13/2015

K4FEG NA 2/10/2017

K4FEG World 2/10/2017

NX9B World 8/13/2015

KG5CCI NA & World 1/29/2017


KG5CCI Rover 1/29/2017

KL7R Rover 11/09/2017

KE4KOL NA 10/19/2014


KE4KOL World 10/19/2014


PI4DHV/ON4AUC World 10/024/2016


VA3OR/VECRCN NA 3/22/2012

W2JV NA 08/03/2015




W2JV World 08/03/2015



NP4JV NA 11/6/2016


NP4JV World 11/6/2016



ES5TF 10/1/2016



NJ7H Rover 5/29/2017


NJ4Y exKK4FEM NA 11/15//2017



NJ4Y exKK4FEM World 11/15/2017


XE3DX Rover 1/8/2017


XE3DX World 12/27/2016



N9IP NA 06//04/2017


WF7T 4/16/2017


W8LID(exAI6GS) Rover 11/15/2017






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