OPDX Special Bulletin 1360.1 April 16, 2018

The Ohio/Penn Dx PacketCluster
DX Special Bulletin No. 1360.1
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April 16, 2018
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW
Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio)
Written and Sent from Strongsville, Ohio

Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network K5GS, W5UE and N7NG for the following DX information.

VP6D DUCIE ISLAND DXPEDTION NEWS (Press Release # 4). For Immediate
Release -- April 16, 2018 -- VP6D Ducie Island 2018 DXpedition (OC-182)
  We are now in the implementation phase of the project; equipment is
being consolidated in Fremont, California. Customs brokers in the USA
and New Zealand have been selected, and the New Zealand Government issued
us an import / export license to ship the equipment to and from the
  Manufacturers and distributors of amateur radio equipment are critical
to the success of DX-peditions to rare entities. We are happy to have
received significant support from DX-Engineering. They have furnished
coax cable, guy ropes, a 40 meter four square system, coax connectors,
ground anchors and other accessories. DX-Engineering has been a long time
supporter of our projects and many other DX-peditions to rare entities;
we very much appreciate their continued commitment to the hobby.
  Joining our list of corporate sponsors is SteppIR Communications Systems.
We will add to our antenna lineup two 2 element Yagi antennas. These
antennas proved to be indispensible during our TX3X Chesterfield Island
project; we’re happy to have them for VP6D and appreciate SteppIR’s ongoing
  A Garmin InReach Satellite Communicator will be used during the DX-
pedition. You will be able to follow our journey on the web, details to
be announced. This handheld unit also provides 2 way SMS messaging similar
to that of a traditional mobile phone, and one way messaging to Twitter
and Facebook. We will use this technology to communicate with family, the
pilot team and to update you via social media, as required. We’ll also
have an Inmarsat BGAN terminal for log uploads and e-mail with the pilot
  Our budget for this project is ~$175,000(USD). Our current fundraising
campaign is underway; you may see the progress at our website. We appreci-
ate the donations and equipment support we’ve already received. With the
final payment for the Braveheart due on September 1st, the next most
expensive line item is equipment shipping budgeted at $20,000. Please
remember, we have to pay these expenses whether or not you make a contact.
We need your help to keep our DX-pedition team’s investment at a reasonable
level. You may help by donating at:  vp6d.com
  Members of the VP6D team will be attending the International DX Con-
vention, Visalia, California April 20 ­ 22, 2018. We hope to meet many
old friends, and make new ones at the convention.
  Team Ducie ­ 2018
  Website:  vp6d.com, Twitter and Facebook
  Please direct questions to:  info@vp6d.com

VK9X, CHRISTMAS ISLAND. James Brooks, 9V1YC/N1YC, and Wilbert Knol, PE7T,
are now active from Christmas Island (OC-002) until approximately April
21st. They will be active as VK9X/N1YC and VK9X/PE7T on 80-10 meters
using SSB and CW. They have no specific plans for Digital modes. QSL
via W5UE for VK9X/N1YC and via PE7T for VK9X/PE7T. 

  Z60A DIRECT QSL MAILING -- Following the LoTW upload of April.01, the
first Kosovo, Z60A QSL card arrived in the U.S. during the past week to
92-year old Frank, K4BVQ, allowing him to reach the DXCC sticker #385.
Former INDEXA president Gary Dixon, K4MQG made a special personal delivery,
delighting Frank, a serious DXers and supporter of the DX segment of
Amateur Radio. Following this special delivery, all U.S. direct requests,
whether ClubLog or through direct mail will be released locally in San
Francisco at the end of this week.
  The donor QSLs for the rest of the world are in process, while other
direct requests will start surfacing during the week of May.01. The card
is a 4-page full color affair, giving a detailed description of this unique
  DX is not simply collecting LoTW points. The QSL card is also an ed-
ucational piece aimed at the wide world and the issues behind the radio
contacts. Better yet, you may meet three representatives of the Z60A
activation; Vjollca, Z61VB, Jim, K9JF and Martti, OH2BH at the Visalia
DX Convention over the weekend of April 20/22 and hear their fascinating
stories. DX Conventions typically offer these personal and emotional
meetings. While in California they may also visit some young DXers who
were successful in contacting Z60A.

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