DXer's Known Around The World

DXer's Known Around The World

K8YSE and Martti "Where do We go Next?" Laine OH2BH

Martti Laine is probably the most well known active DXpeditioner is the world. His book "Where do we go Next?" describes the joys and sorrows of traveling to remote and dangerous places just to put a "new one" on the air. I met Martti at the Dayton Hamvention in 1992. We became friends after a friendly discussion about making duplicate contacts with DXpeditions. Martti continues to pursue finding new ones to activate, much to the dismay of some DX'ers who don't appreciate having to work them just to stay on the honor roll. Martti is someone that you just like right off. It's no wonder he has so much success in negotiating his way into countries that have been off the air for years. OH2BH is truely a DX'er known around the world!

K8YSE and Al "Is there anything he hasn't worked?" Hicks W8AH

Al Hicks, W8AH, has got to be one of the most active US DX'ers in his age bracket. I met Al at the Dayton Hamvention and got to chat with a legend in his own time. Al has worked most everything many times over. W8 Alpha Hotel is recognized by DX'ers around the world. His technique is controversial, but you can't argue with the result. I am happy to be his friend.

W8JGU, Bill MacCracken,......my DX Mentor

Bill MacCracken, W8JGU, is my DX mentor. Although I have been licensed since 1961, it wasn't until I met Bill in 1987 that I found someone that could answer every question I had about HF antennas. Bill has a nice station with antennas for 160m through 10m, including 4 over 4 on 10/15/20 and a full size 3 element 40 meter beam. Bill did the work on the mast and prop pitch rotor arrangment that turns those monobanders pictured on my home page. It's hard to beat Bill in the pileups. His operating skill is up there with the best. His favorite mode is CW where he prefers a vibroplex bug. His favorite bands are 160, 80 and 40. The only thing he doesn't do is climb towers.


W8XD, Nick Wislocki....guest op at KN8Z

I enjoy working DX with others that share the same enthusiasm as I do. Nick, W8XD, is one of those persons. Nick has a very modest station but manages to work most everything I do. He has the uncanny ability to get up early on the mornings when those rare ones just happen to show on 80 and 160. Nick is always thinking and plotting his next country aquisition. This year he managed to get his 160 meter Worked all Continents in record time and was recognized in the Low Band Monitor for his achievements! Occasionally operating in the stealth mode, he is definitely paying attention!

UT3UY, Anatoliy Kirilenko (Toly) ......5A Dxpeditioner

Toly was working USA as 5A1A on 7/13/95 around 2230Z. I think I might have a good Q S O! Is this really a good contact? Where is K2EWB when you need him?

If you are a CW fan, this is from 20 meters at 0413Z on 15 July 95.

This picture was taken in front of the Yaesu booth at the Dayton Hamvention in 1994.

Jon Severt WB8YJF and K8YSE

One of the most important parts of DX'ing is getting that much needed qsl card. Some we send for direct but often a card will come via the buro. If you have a good letter manager you have it made......and I do. WB8YJF, Jon Severt, handles the Y's in the eighth buro and is a godsend. He enjoys CW and RTTY, choosing to work with very modest antennas. You may have worked him from some Carribean destinations and most recently from Chatham Island (ZL7CW). Thanks Jon!


Cookie, a mix Golden Retriever, has probably made more DX contacts than Hugh Cassidy's QRP'er. She often joins me in my DX salon and manages to B A R K out a contact when the rare ones are on frequency. I wanted to name her "DX" but was overruled! A pity.

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