CLEVELAND - Alive and Well

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A lot of people remember Cleveland for what it used to be, an industrial, dirty and smokey city. But Cleveland has changed for the better and is making a comeback. Rich in natural resources and culture, it has attracted new construction everywhere including the downtown area. The steel mills are not as plentiful and the haze that hangs over many cities across the nation, is no longer a problem here. Even the EPA is having a difficult time justifying auto emissions testing here.

Cleveland has all of the advantages of a bigger city. There are a wide selection of stores and suppliers. Most everything you need can be purrchased locally without having to order through a catalog. Traffic is manageable compared to other cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. On the cultural side, we have a World Class Orchestra and Art Museum. The new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened in September, 1995 and our Cleveland Indians have a new stadium where the fans watched them take the American Leauge Championship and go on to battle the Atlanta Braves in the World Series. Cleveland Fans have purchased all of the tickets for the 81 home games to be played in 1996. Talk about excitement; Cleveland's support for the Indians in unsurpassed!

Lake Erie is alive and well. Sport fishing has never been better and a recent study of the water quality said that the water was good enough to drink without additional filtration. (I'll stick to drinking from the tap!) The Cleveland Metroparks Emerald Necklace circles the outskirts of Cleveland providing a recreational setting for Clevelander's to enjoy year round. After witnessing Cleveland's decline in the 60's and 70's, it's great to see the turnaround. I hope you enjoy the graphics. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Gateway - Cleveland Indians Stadium

The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Flats District

The Galleria at Erieview

Cleveland Indians - Chief Wahoo

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