A historic DXCC moment

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Headquarters station W1AW circa 1990

Headquarters Station W1AW in Newington, CT, is the most well known historical station in the amateur radio service. The Callsign, W1AW, is recognized around the world. DX'ers visiting Headquarters can operate the station and recieve a certificate for doing so.

Don Search W3AZD Former Head of the DXCC Desk

Don Search is the man responsible for elevating the DXCC Award to its current prestige. He was tireless in his efforts to process applications manually and to minimize errors and fraud. Today the DXCC award is the most sought after award in the DX Community. If you wanted to get an answer to a question, he was always available to chat about DX. I met Don during a visit to Headquarters in Newington and my opinion quickly formed when I saw how devoted he was to the advancement of the program. The DXCC desk will never be the same without him. Thanks Don!

Paul Shafer KB1BE DXCC Desk

I met Paul Shafer, KB1BE, while visiting Headquarters in Newington, CT. Paul was Don Search's right hand at the DXCC desk. He knew some of the secrets about the DXCC program that helped keep the integrity of the program at the highest level practical. I could only assume that Don was convinced of Paul's dedication to the DXCC program to the point that he shared his knowledge with him. Paul is a friendly person and made us feel right at home while Don scrutinized my cards. Paul is an active DX'er and can be heard in pileups quite frequently.

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